Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's still my opinion with a little ranting peppered in. Better late than never

Unfortunately I work retail, well not all the time. I worked at a retail store for a little over a year and then had to quit due to school and not being able to offer them the minimum required hours. (that's a whole other story). Any hoo, I am working there for the holiday season to make some extra cash. I figured with all of the idiots I have to deal with day-to-day I would list you a few things that many people forget when it comes to shopping in a mall, etc. that you should make an effort to remember:

1. Just because people work in a retail store, in the mall, doesn't mean that they are not as smart as you, or perhaps smarter than you, that they are uneducated and that you can talk down to them as if they are pieces of trash.

2. If you don't agree with something, i.e. return policies, coupon offering, or the way a giftcard looks, that is not the cashier's fault. They only work there and do whatever they can to help the customer out. Now, I know not all cashiers are this way, but I tend to be as well as many in my store. You can catch more flies with honey so stop being so bitchy.

3. If a store runs out of boxes, it doesn't mean you should yell at the person who told you that they ran out of boxes. It probably isn't their fault. The fact of the matter is, boxes are normally a nice gesture from a retail store, but they honestly don't have to offer them to you, because most of them don't. Just go on down to the Wal-Mart and get you a set of 3 for a dollar. . . if that is too much for you, well then maybe you should have just bought a giftcard.

4. Stop getting hateful with someone that has been nothing but nice to you and find every reason possible to bitch at them. The fact the store doesn't take checks is a safty precaution for you and your bank account and get the F*CK out of the stone age and stop writing checks as a form of payment unless you have to mail it somewhere.

Anywho, figured I would get this posted since I started it several days ago.

Hope you had a happy holiday ;)

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