Friday, December 11, 2009

Mini-Blog. . . I shall call it a Blogini My Coney Bloggini

As you know I have made it to Michigan to visit my wonderful lady of a Great-Grandmother! I have spent most of the day with her in the rehabilitation center that she is staying in while she gets better. This place is good to her. Anyway, I have managed to get Internet here and my 86 year old GG is watching Jerry Springer and now Maury. She cracks me up! She is the funniest lady I know and everyone loves her!

Now to get to the point of this Bloggini. . . . .I left for lunch and decided I really wanted a Coney Dog. . .a TRUE coney dog and I thought if I went to a place that advertised having real coneys, they would serve a real deal Holyfield coney dog.


Coney Island hot dog (also Coney dog, or Coney) refers to two different kinds of hot dogs.

In some areas, it is a hot dog made from beef with casing, topped with an all meat chili, diced yellow onion and yellow mustard. This type of dog was primarily developed in Michigan, and served there and in the "heartland" states; that is, the non-coastal states of the U.S.

In other areas, most notably central and western New York, a Coney is a white hot dog, a stronger and more spicy variety of the traditional pork hot dog. These are sometimes also referred to as "white hots." Coney dogs of this variety are usually served bare or with mustard. [1]

Well. . .I ordered two from this restaurant called Senates Coney Island Restaurant . . . I should have visited their site first and then would have probably reconsidered.

So, I see the menu and that I can get a coney for $1.90 I said "I'll take 2". This is what I got. . . . I not only looks, but it was delicious! HOWEVER!!! It is a coney impostor!!!!!! They did not have the one thing that I would attribute to a coney dog and that is the all natural casing that is suppose to come around it. So disappointed, but that will not stop me from trying the next place ;)

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