Friday, June 11, 2010

Far Too Long, I know!!

Hey yoooooooo!

So I know it has been incredibly too long since I last blogged. Things have been completely insane and I promise to catch you up on my amazing summer thus far!

Right now, in a nut shell, I went to Greece and Turkey for 11 days. So AWESOME! I have a million and 5 pics to post. You may want to check FB in the next few days for those.

Right now, I am in Southern California working at TOMS Shoes!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! If you never thought you could never catch a break or get what you want, you are terribly mistaken!

This is a total dream for me. Hard work, passion, honesty, and self worth really pay off!!

Meet the TOMS Summer 2010 Intern class!!!

(front): James
(back starting on the left): Melanie, Erin, Lizzy, Me, Jina, Jake, Micah, Nicole, Brian
(not pictured): Avery, Tobi, Chelsea, Dominique (and some amazing interns returning from the Spring class)

This is so surreal! I will be telling you more about my California adventures as they occur.

I got back from Greece on June 5th (10:30pm) and flew out to Cali on June 8th. . .first (direct flight) got canceled. BUMMER! I didn't get in until 10:45pm.

Made it to our apartments which turned out to work FANTASTICALLY!!!

Team Kittyhawk includes: James, Jake, Jina, Lizzy, Nicole, Erin, Mel and myself. More to come on that later :D

I bunch of us stayed up and got to know each other. The next day, we all went out to a beach and chilled for a bit. It was beautiful out. I mean no humidity and around 70ish.

We then headed to the Third Street Promenade where I there discovered H&M (this will not turn out well) and also went to Pinkberry! The Green Tea was pretty fantastical.

We ended up sitting at the Georgian Hotel and met Chelsea and Brian there. After that, Mel, Nic, Erin and I went to Wal-Mart for some things. . . . ummmm yeah. . .what an experience!

It was the first 3 story Wal-Mart, in a shopping mall that I have ever been too and well, I'm not sure that I am going back! It was a tad frightening. Oh Crenshaw.

Anywho. . .I gotta go get ready for my second day on the job!!

Hope to see you soon!


Roni said...

JEALOUS!!! Miss your face! Have a blast my lovely

kaelah beauregarde said...

SO glad you made it safely and you're loving it! you're meant for this!!!