Monday, January 4, 2010

That new, pre-owned, smell blogini

2010 really has been good to us so far, let's hope the momentum keeps up!

Since an 8pt buck decided to go car hunting back in early December, and chose my husband's car as it's shot, we have been looking at vehicles for my husband.

We decided on a Jeep Wrangler a few weeks ago and all we needed to do was find one within our price range and with low mileage. That was proving to be difficult. I mean, of course, we did have other criteria that it needed to meet, but we weren't being too picky.

Most of them that I found were a couple thousand too much and no one was wanting to negotiate, others had over 100,000 miles or close to it, and some were over 4hrs away and impossible to go look at.

Finally, I came across one and thought it was too good to be true.

FACT: This is indeed my husband's vehicle, but. . . due to the little binding contract that we made 4 years ago, that little one called 'marriage' I will be driving this car when I want ;)

So. . .found this beautiful red 2002 Jeep Wrangler with only 32,000 miles on it and we basically stole the thing!!

I'm ready for some warmth and to go ridin!


kaelah beauregarde said...

you are so taking me riding in that. win!

kdauburnfan said...