Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm not going to apologize


I know it's been a while since I've last blogged, but I'm not going to apologize. I have been crazy busy trying to make my life mo' betta.

I have so much that I can talk about and I just might do that because who knows the next time I'm going to be able to post? I'm going to try and get better about it but I do have priorities!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. . . . ehhhh and that's about it on that subject. I don't really get all worked up for this holiday.

To more fun stuff. . . . I have finally completed my promotional piece and handwritten applications/online application to try and get my DREAM internship with TOMS Shoes in Santa Monica California!!! Granted, the promotional piece and handwritten app wasn't necessary, but I felt like it would be a better opportunity for me to show them who I really am!

I don't know how you can really show your personality and creativity with an online application (not saying it's a bad way of doing it) I just wanted to do more :D

Here is my promotional piece:

I love everything about TOMS and that is why I created this piece. I love what they have done, I love what they are doing and I want to be apart of it. This map indicates each country that they have donated shoes.

I bought this map and used stamps and inks to write "As of December 2009, TOMS has given over 400,000 pairs of shoes to children in need. . ." ". . . and I want to be there for 400,000 more!"

I found different little images of tiny TOMS, laminated them (thanks to Dewayne our security officer at O'More) and cut them out. After I bought little double-sided stickies and adhered them to the map in each location. I also printed out my logo and the TOMS logo and put them in their correct location.

I thought it was creative. . . :D

I even decorated the box that I sent it in.

After quite a fiasco with FedEx and their shipping rates, I just took the pyramid box, spray painted it white, sketched a TOMS flag on an edge and spray painted the TOMS name on one side. . . (I used the awesome stencils they sent in our campus club kit).

On the third and final side, I took each style of TOMS i.e. Classics, Cordones, and Botas (I left off the wrap boots, stitchouts, and vegan. . . but there is a reason why) and I put an image of each. . . each image is of a pair that I own or that are being shipped to me as we speak! :D I own the Classic Remarques and Classic Natural Burlap. I have the Cordones Aira
and my Botas Amigas are on their way!!!

So, back to the package . . . .I tend to get a little distracted when I talk about my TOMS collection. The end where you open it, has my logo on it. . . clever . . .I hope.

For some reason, I didn't take any pictures of my application that I made but it was pretty amazing. . .

I hand wrote the online application and answers, used a recycled paper and natural hemp to secure and cover it. I included a dvd that has a movie to answer the question "How would your best friend describe you?" and that included much more than just one friend! This video will introduce you to some of the most amazing, caring, loving friends that anyone could be lucky to have. The director, editor, man with a plan, Eric, did such an amazing job helping me with this! :D

I also created a packet that included all of the information for our upcoming Style Your Sole Event at O'More on March 27th! Here is the online order form I created for the event. The last day to order is March 8th!! So come on out and style your soles!! And finally, I included my resume in a handmade envelope.

All of these items were sent in a handmade white canvas bag (my wonderful sister-in-law sewed it for me and Anastasia from school helped me with the drawstring) On the outside of the bag on one side I did a gel medium transfer of the TOMS logo which I stitched on all by myself haha, and on the other side I had another gel medium transfer of my personal logo!

I will blog about the process of a gel medium transfer if you would like to learn more. They are really awesome and I have to thank Susan DeGarmo for teaching her altered book class and showing us some pretty amazing techniques.

So I have been so busy with all of this, school, SYS, my website, etc. That is where I have been . . . promise I haven't been hiding.

I also would like to say that I have been working on a t-shirt design for the Threadless/TOMS contest and my first idea got denied. . .boooo!! I will work on it some more and hopefully one or more will get submitted.

It's a tad hard to read so I will work on it. . .but keep a look out and vote for me :D

Be kind, rewind.

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Nick and Mary Leigh said...

i've had my first pair of toms over a few years now, and trust me, they stink- but i'm pretty sure they are my fav shoes in the world! i now have a few other pairs in my collection!