Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's a Sound Thing. . .

To help me get through a bad day, designer block, or just depending on the mood I'm in music plays a role in all of it. I guess I shouldn't just say music, sound in general but we will focus on the music part.

This little bloggini is going to give you a little taste of what music I listen to and maybe give you a little sumthin' new to listen to.....again, just a little bit no where close to everything.

PS. . .Don't steal


Super Tramp -Take The Long Way Home

Styx - Renegade

Faith No More -Epic

Forigner -Jukebox Hero

Journey -Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'


Jonathan Singleton & The Grove -Look Who's Back In Love

Carrie Underwood -Before He Cheats


Outkast -Bombs Over Baghdad
I Like the Way You Move

Dorrough -Cream on the Inside

Flo Rida -Right Round

Baby Bash -Cyclone

Everything Else:

The Features -Lions
Wooden Heart
(any The Features Song ever made)

Jack Johnson - Flake
Let it be Sung
Sittin' Watin' Wishin'

John Mayer - Assasin
Edge of Desire
Something's Missing

Maroon 5 - Secret

OAR -Crazy Game of Poker

30 Seconds to Mars -The Kill

3 Days Grace -It's Not Too Late

Audioslave -Like A Stone

. . . . This is just a little taste of it all.

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