Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Bean-eriffic Tuesday

You know what's harder than keeping this blog up? Decorating a nursery at an affordable price and with some taste!

Holy geeze this entry will not even cover half of the crap I've looked at over the past several months. . .I wish I would have saved all of the screen shots of all of the cool cribs I've seen. I should apologize now for not being able to link these images with their relative sites for you to look up. I'll get better.

So here is a barrage of photos of really cool cribs, bedding, and toys that I will be getting, liked, considered and only wish I could afford. . . .

What we are going with:

The husband is an amazing woodworker so he is going to build the nursery furniture for me and the Bean :)

you can find this crib for sale on Etsy.com :)

I like this kind of storage so he is going to build something along these lines and a bookshelf.

I want to find bright colorful canvas baskets to use. . .but these are from
Pottery Barn Kids for reference.

We hope to get all kinds of cute but educational and fun wooden toys like these.

And last, but not least. . . the bedding!


Dwell Studio's Skyline Crib Set. . .and yes, I already bought it. . .I had to.

The set is sold out everywhere and I was terrified that I wouldn't get it in time. I found it at a cute little shop in Cali called The Pampered Tot

I have only purchased the set and not the accent pillow, changing pad cover, etc. . .so I hope to get that as well. :)

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danielle said...

Where was the wooden toy with the xylophone on the side and letters? Very coool!