Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Totally Bean-Tastic Tuesday

I would ultimately like to dedicate one day out of the week to discuss nothing but the Bean. . .but we all know how flaky I can get about blogging. So, instead of designating a specific day, I'll just pick at least one day and talk about it.

Today I had my week 23 check up! It was a quick meeting with the doc, the kind I like. There were tons of wonderful news. . . and some not so good news (which I already knew that it was coming).

Bad news first:

• I have gained 10lbs since my last visit! A total of 22lbs since my first visit. . .this es no bueno! I mean I guess it isn't terrible and could be worse, but I'm going to hate life trying to get the excess pounds off after Bean is born.

This means laying off all the pasta that fills me up and dropping the pie!

Great news:
I don't know all of the exact numbers but this is kinda how it went:

• Bean has a 1 in 15,000+ to have downs syndrome

• No cystic fibrosis

• 1 in 9900+ chance to have Thalassemia (I think this is right)

and a great over all screening. . .so no inherited, degenerative, or any other kind of diseases that we know of thus far.

FACT: whether or not my child has any of these diseases tested for, we will love him all the same!

Let me just tell you, this next visit. . . not so pleasant. I get to drink this fabulous Glucose drink one hour prior to getting my blood drawn for testing.

When I say fabulous. . .I mean - guaranteed to taste like shit no matter how wonderful one of the three optional flavors sound.

Tropical Punch - Unless it's Kool-aid, I've never had any luck with this flavor.

Lemon-Lime - I'm not a fan of sprite so I don't think I would remotely like this.

Orange - It was the only option left.

And, when I say one hour prior to getting my blood drawn. . .meaning. . . I have to drink this drink within 5 minutes. No mixing, no rinsing my mouth out after, no eating, no mints, no ANYTHING! Suck it up and drink it, and be sure to look at the clock.

If I finish this drink at 7:56 my ass better be in the phlebotomist's chair with a needle in my arm pumping whatever blood she needs at 8:56.

Oh well. . .comes with the territory. As I like to say: "Symptoms of being pregnant."

Until next time. . .and I am doing my best to do this every other day. . .enjoy life and it's lemons.


Caitlin said...

Blehk. That drink does not sound good. Whether you slap orange on it or not, haha. I hope that every result you get is wonderful. Hoping for a very happy and healthy Bean, as well as a happy and healthy mama!

kdauburnfan said...

awww thank you!!

So far so good. . .now it's just getting my ducks in a row with birthing classes, registering, birthing plan, nursery, etc. Holy Shit I only have 4 more months!

hangrt said...

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