Friday, March 25, 2011

Stylish Sale Saturday

I always love a bargain! Who doesn't. . .unless you have so much money it's coming out of your ass and you really don't have to worry about it.

I don't know what it is. I mean, yes, a lower price on something that you know someone out there has paid more for is great but I think it is the thrill of finding it and the chase to get it.

I am seriously, seriously addicted to craigslist! I've shown you the table that I got, the post office boxes which were great finds. Well, I've bought two more pieces of furniture in the last week! The funny thing about it is, one of them is a couch that originally came from the same store as the table and chairs that I shared with you.

Here it is. . .EQ3 Saga Sofa. IT FREAKIN' MATCHES MY La-Z-Boy Chairs!!

The other piece I bought was a knoty pine. . .. hehehe naughty pine ;) armoire. I mean if you have seen one armoire I feel like you have seen them all.

With all of these great deals and my browsing on the net, I figured I would share some great deals and designs with you. I will list them by store or website :)


I am addicted to this site. They have really cool gifts, decor, etc. and there is something new everyday! Don't be surprised if you don't see some of these items that I show on the site today. . . it means that sale has already ended. But trust me, more cool stuff will come.

The ever so exciting Target

Target always is helping out new lines and getting them out there for the everyday shopper. I can't thank them enough for introducing the Liberty of London brand to me last summer! Well, they are now offering Dwell Studio bedding and what not at their stores and online. I am in love with this Baroque design. I must have it for when we get our new king bed to fit our family :) If you remember from an earlier post, I already bought my son's bedding. . . and of course it is Dwell. But for some reason, it is MUCH more expensive haha. shhhhh.

It comes in a comforter set and a duvet set. You also get the option of shower curtain, rug, pillow, and more! And to me, it's a steal for a king set for $99.

Ohh IKEA how I love thee.

Granted, if you are looking for super sturdy, lifelong, solid wood furniture, this isn't the stuff for you which also means you are going to be opening up your wallet a little more.

I love this set. It comes in several different color options as well. You can get the king size bed frame, chest of drawers, and two night stands for $708! LET'S DO IT!


Who knew WestElm was so affordable?!

I'm pretty sure if you come visit my house within the next couple of weeks, these pillows will be on the new couch. :)Just when you thought it couldn't get any better. . .I bring you Crate & Barrel

I need these for my son's room! Notice that the orange ones are the only ones on sale at the moment.

Crate & Barrel loves your pets. . .they know that they deserve good design as well!

Now that I've shared Crate & Barrel. . .well we can't forget CB2

I know someone who I'd love to get this for that is probably going to read this at some point ;)

Now I'm not huge in the fact that this is a short-hand text message pillow, but I am a sucker for pieces that have white type on a black surface!

I couldn't leave without putting something cute, really well designed and baby related in today's post. So here are some diaper bag organizers from The cool think about Amazon is that if you are a student or mom to be, sign up for Amazon Prime. . .It gives you FREE 2 day shipping!


kaelah beauregarde said...

all of this makes me want to go shopping... bad! AND HOLY CRAP THAT COUCH! you are the saint of craigslist i think. how do you find such amazing things?!

3rdBird said...

You are officially the craigslist master. I mean, I knew it before now, but I just made it official. You deserve a plaque.

kdauburnfan said...

LOL. . .I want to go shopping too. Tomorrow we are going to go register at Target and then what we don't find there, I'm gonna hop on Amazon and register for.

I am not even sure how I find this stuff. . .I look craigslist too much to be honest. We really need to get bedroom furniture but I find these other great deals instead ;)

Anonymous said...

I have the diaper bag organizers...not as spectacular as they seem. Hope all is well :-)

EQ3 said...

I wish the Saga collection from EQ3 wasn't discontinued.

Bean Bags said...

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