Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Funny little thing called love bloggini

I am a little late getting this to y'all. . .not too late, it just happened yesterday afternoon, but I didn't have a whole lotta time to write about it.

I live kinda out in the woods a bit. There are other houses close, but there is a heavily wooded area in our back yard. That being said, we tend to attract some wildlife, i.e. skunk, raccoon, woodpeckers, coyotes, and TONS of deer.

Isabell (Izzy) my little beagle LOVES the deer. There have been many of time that she has gotten loose and had gone exploring in the woods on the scent of some deer. There was one time that I found her across the cul-de-sac sitting in the neighbors yard staring at a buck about 10 feet away from her staring back.

It's interesting the way animals communicate and hang out.

Well, I get home yesterday and walk around back instead of walking up the hill to get in. Iz is on her run around hanging out in the nice weather. I said hi to her like I always do in a little puppy voice and she didn't run to me, automatically, like she usually does. I was wondering what was going on and look up to see a deer just standing in the yard staring at my every move. I figured the thing would just run off as soon as I took a step but it didn't, it just stared. I didn't make eye contact at all with it and made it inside to watch.

Izzy was just running around like a neurotic little dog and that for sure, I thought, was going to scare that thing to death, but nope! It stood there watching her like "what the hell is your deal, weirdo." and ate some dandelions . I took a few pictures and tried to get some video to show you, but of course my little camera didn't last long.

Here is just a little bit for you.

p.s. turn your sound off. . .it's not relevant, I sound ridiculous. . .just talking.

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