Thursday, April 8, 2010

My happenings during my One Day Without Shoes

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone that attended and promoted TOMS Shoes One Day Without Shoes. Not just in my community, but all over the world!! It was an incredibly amazing experience.

It is still going on for most of us, but I am so excited, I just wanted to go ahead and blog.

We all knew that the weather in Franklin, TN was looking really drab for today. It was raining late last night and early this morning causing the temperature to drop immensely! We went from 80 degree weather to the 50's. burrrrr I thought this was going to cause our ODWS to become virtual, which is totally okay too! To my surprise, we had a virtual and actual ODWS event!!

Everything started today when I visited my boss at school. Unfortunately, she was unable to be apart of ODWS all day, but she was kind enough to promote the event for a few hours. Here she is holding the banner I created. :)

She said: "I haven't even had a pedicure, they are going to look horrible." I said: "Think of all of the people who go every day without shoes and have unfortunate and 100% curable diseases feet look! Trust me, your non-pedicured feet are fine" ;)

I decided to write on the bottom of my feet to see how they would look after a day of walking without shoes. Here is the before picture, we'll get to the after a little later.

Here is my other boss at school, Melinda! Isn't she beautiful in her TOMS Red Wrap Boots?! She was doing her part in the virtual shoe department.

A little later, I was working on some projects in class and I receive a phone call from a fellow classmate saying that he was just in a Publix, barefoot, and got kicked out. I couldn't believe he went in there barefoot. . . .I mean, I appreciate his support and what he was doing, but you just gotta be smart on where you try to go barefoot. . . TOMS will understand. We don't want to break any health code violations. Here is a pic of him and his buddy. They haven't had shoes on since 12:00am this morning! You guys are awesome!!
Here is a little segment of screen shots from the web. . . these are all of my friends supporting TOMS away from school or that I was unable to see today!! They either changed their avatar, tweeted about TOMS or just overall spread the word. You all rock!

The next little segment of photos are the feet all on campus :) What beautiful toenails everyone! There are also some TOMS in here as well.

Because we thought that the walk wasn't going to take place due to the weather, we had a documentary screening as well!!

We also had a small, yet fun activity. I took the posters of all five facts given to Campus Club Members by TOMS and hung them around campus. I offered the first person to be able to give me all five facts correctly a small TOMS prize!! (the images are in descending order)

Of course these aren't all of the posters we hung. We had several everywhere. . . but I will spare you from that unless you want them, and I will move on to more. . .

And now, finally, our walk!!! Since the weather was bad/chilly. . .I didn't expect this to happen at all. . .but we had a few troopers who made it out and who really brightened my day and warmed my heart by their support!

On our walk we got to know each other a little more. I found out that we had a recent graduate from Belmont with us, another that just graduated from Eastern Kentucky University, two participants from school and an amazing 9 year-old named Lucy with her mom.

Lucy was an amazing story for me. She found our event, and "she" signed up for it! Her mom swore it was all her idea!! I was amazed by her support for TOMS and what we were doing. It was truly inspiring.

I wanted to know how everyone knew about TOMS and it's funny because my two recent college grads knew because of Hanson. . .that's not the funny/ironic part. The funny/ironic part was that Lucy knew about it because of The Jonas Brothers. I am sure if TOMS was around when I was younger, I would have heard about them because of New Kids on the Block!! I think it's wonderful that these amazing and accomplished bands support TOMS like they do!

It was truly an inspiring and groundbreaking day for TOMS and those who are supporters. I can't say enough about the movement! Join us and support One for One!

Oh, before I forget. . . .the after view of my feet:


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kaelah beauregarde said...

so excited to see mike and mike's feetsies up there (twice!). wish we had known the walk was still going on but we're so very glad we could have been a part of such a wonderful day!