Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some pretty happenin' kicks!

If you have been following along with me, you would know that we had an auction for some one-of-a-kind pair of signed TOMS from the bands The Features and Jonathan Singleton & The Grove.

I learned from this process that designing shoes isn't easy and that people are really caring and understanding about the process, especially when it helps such an amazing cause!

FACT/SUGGESTION/DISCLAIMER: The use of the bands and their logos were granted to us by the band members and I do not suggest doing this without permission. All proceeds went to the cost of the shoes and charity. I also ask that you don't do as I did (because at the time I did not know) and put TOMS on eBay. The resale of TOMS on eBay is not recommended and I ask that you please not ever do it and support this decision by asking others not to do it.

I had auctioned three pairs of shoes. Two for The Features and one for JS & The Grove. I got all the shoes in and boy did I mess up!!

I thought I had checked and double checked and even triple checked, but because the shoes for two of the auctions were almost identical, i got them switched by accident. DOUGH! I accidentally gave a size 12 to the band that was suppose to be a 13 and vice-versa. There wasn't a whole lot I could do now since the 13s were already autographed :( Luckily, the guy that won that auction said that "I have 12 in TOMS now & they aren't big so 13s should work and you've already gone through so much for these things I say let em rip!" I can't tell you how relieved I was! This guy has been super amazing, friendly, and wonderful throughout this entire ordeal!! More people should be like him :)

As for the other pair of shoes, I felt so horrible because I know this guy has been so uber excited about getting them, even before he won the auction! I called around trying to find another pair of 13s in the Nashville area. . .none of them had them in the Natural Canvas, although Whole Foods said they had olive, white, black, or ash gray. I was broken. . . almost in tears. I just didn't want to let this guy down. He has been so patient so I called him to tell him what had happened. He was so kind to say that he would be willing to do them in gray and that he was going to be near where I am going this weekend for Easter that I could drop them by. HUZZAH! This is going to work out after all!!

I called Whole Foods back and asked them to put the 13 gray TOMS on hold for me. . .she said "we don't have them in a size 13". I almost lost it.

I did the only thing I could do and ordered them from the website and paid for two day shipping. Yes, I might have not raised any money and probably lost a little in this process, but there are a couple of pros because of this incident: 1. another child will receive a pair of shoes because of this purchase; and, 2. we were able to use these as testers for all of the designs :D

I hope to get this new pair of TOMS in by Monday so that I may ship them to the auction winner by Monday afternoon or Tuesday. I will post pictures of those when they are made. . . but I already know they are going to look FANTASTIC!

The third pair, The Features (female), were auctioned off at The Features Exit/In show back in February. . .I love the head logo!!!

Here are some photos of The Features TOMS that I am so jealous of and want both pairs!!! I LOVE THEM! and YESSSSSS, they are handmade. I couldn't have done any of this without the help of my REALLY GOOD FRIEND Melinda! Whew girl! She is the only reason I have any hair left along with my sanity. She's really amazing!

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